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Most of the time nothing bad happens.

But… Sometimes…

something bad happens

Why ?

Because, some moves potentially dangerous, turn into an emergency situation.

If anything happens to you, you would have no way to warn your family and friends and being saved. provides a solution from 4 answers :

Warn who ?

Define what closes to warn in wich situations.

Define your “circle of trust” means people you trust to take action if you need help.

About what ?

Explain what is “risky” about the situation.

Define your “presumed risky situation” , in a nutshell what, with who, where.

When ?

Situation start time, end time, ETA home Safe.

Define “presumed risky period” means risk beginning, end + Estimated Time of Arrival Home Safe.

Message will be sent after this delay unless you cancel it.

How ?

Define how the message must be sent (ereaction).

basically email, 1 time at end of delay.

more options coming soon…







Join us today and create your groups of trust.

Warn Who ?

Warn who

The answer to this question depends on the type and level of risk you are facing.

We assume one person has various behavior online, basically :

  • family

  • friend

  • love

  • work

  • leisure

Similarily to role game playing, for every behavior online you have an aka (Also Known As), and some people linked to this behaviour.

We call these different types of behavior an eIdentity.

for every eIdentity we have one or more circle of trust that can help us if we need.

Think about it, If you want to meet a stranger, who will you call, family or friends ?

Use step 1 on 4 of the e-reaction form to choose your circle of trust.

Definition 1 : e-Identity (eID)

A person often has several online accounts that can usually be classified into 5 groups: family, friends, love, work, leisure.

Each group corresponds to a virtual facet of our identity.

We call these different facets e-Identities (eID).

Definition 2 : a circle of trust

A circle of trust is a set of persons (about 2-7 persons) in who you have a total trust to take action if needed. A circle of trust is associated to an eIDentity.

About What

About what ?

The answer to this question is about defining the more precisely possible the (presumed) risky situation in 3 steps.

Step 1 : Define the risk level (4 options)

Step 2 : Name the situation in one line (Twitter style).
This will be the Subject of the message that will be sent to your circle of trust.

Step 3 : provide key information about the situation

This will be the content of the message that will be sent to your circle of trust. for exemple with who/what are your doing (in a bar, dining as someone place)/where.

  1. with who ?

  2. what ?

  3. where ?

Use step 2 on 4 of the e-reaction form to describe your (presumed) risky situation.

Definition 3 : Supposed risky situation

A situation is called “supposed risky” when it is uncertain, unknown, not mastered or dangerous.

Definition 4 : Sensible Digital Informations

Your online account credentials, your smartphone code, your connected watch etc… are tools that can be usefull in case of emergency.

We call these informations Sensible digital information (SDI).

In case of emergency, we can send (automatically) these informations to your circles of trust.


When ?

What is the best moment to send a warning ? when the probabilty that a problem arise is high.

  • Before the situation, there’s obviously no need.

  • When the situation start, it depends on the level of risk.

  • When the situation end is the best moment after checking this is no actual urgency.

Use step 3 on 4 of the e-reaction form to define the (presumed) risky period.

Definition 5 : Supposed risky period

A supposed risky period is the running time during wich we are in a Supposed risky situation.

Definition 6 : Estimated Time of Arrival Home Safe

The Estimated Time of Arrival Home Safe is the estimated delay between the end of the supposed risky period and the time needed to arrive home Safe.


How ?

With the answer to the 4 questions + a mechanism of recall user make the ateoOna mecanism that manage anticipated digital response to emergency.

If e-reaction is not cancelled then message is sent by email, sms, social network, in the future WhatsApp

Use step 4 on 4 of the e-reaction form to define how (wich mecanism will be used to send the message).

Definition 7 : anticipated alert message

This anticipated alert message will be sent to your closes in case of emergency.

Definition 8 : e-reaction

We name “e-reaction” the ateoOna mecanism that manage anticipated digital response to emergency

Original solution to warn your family and friends, your personal (digital) guardian angel.

Some key features

Create your groups of trust

Create your circles of trust by inviting family and friends.

there are already 13 circles of trust.

Facebook Twitter and Google+ Login/Register integration

Easily register or login with you Facebook Twitter or Google+ account.

Create ereactions

Create ereactions using a simple 4 steps form.

there are already 84 ereactions created.

New feature

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Extremely Flexible

List delete, activate unactivate ereaction in one click

Free Updates

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Outstanding Support

Join our happy community, get help with 24h response rate in French or English.spanish and german coming soon.

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